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Female manual artist, blogger, insufferable wanker. 26. Memphis, TN
  • follovver:

    people who dont wet their toothbrush before using it are strange and should not be trusted

    One time I brought Chris his toothbrush in bed and he goes, “Agh, why is it wet?!” And I was like, are you fucking kidding me.

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  • If this was a person I would molest them with my most molesty tentacles and then I would go to jail for it and I would still regret nothin. View high resolution

    If this was a person I would molest them with my most molesty tentacles and then I would go to jail for it and I would still regret nothin.

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  • floraspice:

detail at Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2011 | PFW
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    detail at Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2011 | PFW

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  • Yesterday was nice because Chris and our moms and Doug and his dad and grandma all met. And we met the florist for our wedding at the venue and got a lot of planning done. It’s really all coming together and I am super excited about it. Then last night Chris and I went to see old biker movies at the drive-in. We had blankets and pillows in the back of his SUV and potato chips and surround sound and some mo’ shit and then his car battery dad right at the end of The Wild One, and right as it started to rain. I had to get a battery jumper from the concession stand. It was still fun, though. I really like potato chips. I wish I could eat them regularly but they are unhealthy and fattening. I’m just going to start using my tumblr like a 10-year-old’s diary. We’re going to register for wedding presents today, I think. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the whole concept, but we do need some sharp knives.

  • Anonymous said: are you paid for the excult artwork? i really hope you are

    No. Anybody wanna pay me to design their album art? Wait, someone messaged me about that the other day. I should respond. He probably got someone cooler to do it by now. Wanna hear some short stories on the subject? One time a band asked me to do their album art and I just didn’t really get their music so I made something that was just really way off and so bad, and they didn’t use it, but they gave me $20. HAHAHA. Those poor bastards. They were probably like, “Oh no… What do we do? We can’t use this. What the fuck even is this?!” That’s so embarrassing. One time before I knew what I was doing with art, I made this really dumb collage and this band approached me about using it for their album art and offered to pay me a fee or royalties or whatever I desired. It was one of the worst collages I had ever made. I asked for $120, and he said no. Lol. He probably used it anyway. I hope he did. That would make the biggest fool out of me. His band mates were probably like, “Fuck her. Just use it. We’re nobodies and so is she. She won’t even know.” This other time I made another really shitty collage and this other band asked me to use it on their album and I was like, Whatever, just shoot my butthole use whatever you want I don’t care anymore, and they used my shit on these flyers and on their album and it looked like shit ‘cause it was shit. And the dude had an interview on the radio about the album and the DJ made fun of my art. Lol. He was like, “What Michelangelo made this art?” And dude was like, “Oh, uh… Mary Carmack.” And DJ was like, “MaRY cARmaCk, who the f is that?” And I was like, “Yeah wtf let’s get her.” And then I found her and she was like, “I suck,” and I was like, “I know. You do suck. You’re ugly and quiet and you’re dumb and you can’t do nothin’. Something wrong with you,” and she was like, “End me,” and I was like, “Aight hold up I gotta finish this tumblr.” I’m crying real teenager tears right now. HAha

  • Anonymous said: Maybe your boyfriends band will make it big and you can live off of all da iTunes money


  • Anonymous said: I hope you feel better and you're able to keep your job.

    Thank you. I won’t get to keep it for long. But maybe there’s something else I can do for money where I can work from home. I just don’t know what. He wants to move to California so maybe we’ll figure it out there. Or never at all. Does it really matter? It’s so quiet in here I think I can hear a fly breathing. Or it might be a fly in my head. Zzzzzziiiii don’twannabealone

  • When I got my job, I remember thinking, “Alright, I have to try to never get sick and be at work all the time and never be late or leave early for any reason.” And compared to my last job, I was doing really well. I thought, maybe I am capable of having a full time job. I can do this. I don’t get sick that much. If I do, I only leave an hourly early or something. It’s not that bad. It’ll be ok. But it turns out, I’m still getting sick constantly and I’m actually not doing good at all and it’s just a matter of time before they get rid of me. It’ll be a miracle if I make it through the rest of the year. It’s already too late for me to change anything. I physically can’t do any better than this. They told me I have to get a note from a doctor that says I am capable of working 40 hours a week, so I have to go get a physical and stuff. Maybe I have a disease I don’t know about. Probably not. Probably just have anxiety disorder. Probably should just kill myself. Fuuuuuuck.

  • I got written up at work today for being sick all the time. It’s just a matter of time before they fire me. I try so fuckin’ hard. What’s a good job for a sick person to do? I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this world. I’m good at my job. I’m just not good at feeling good. I’m fucked.

  • Anonymous said: What's the name of that deeper greenish color in your house?

    I don’t know, I painted it over 2 years ago, I forgot. :(

  • "Even when I see a beautiful woman, I think ‘Aw, her life must be amazing’. Everyone does it. That’s human nature to believe that beauty is everything."

    Marina Diamandis (via takemedowntostrawberryfields)

    Ugh, I do this. When I see pretty girls crying, I always get really confused and pissed off, it looks like farce, like, How dare you be unhappy?

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  • D’empty, then and now.

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